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Japan names marathon team for World Championships

The Japan Association of Athletics Federations (JAAF) has named six athletes that will them in the marathon at the 18thhh edition of the World Athletics Championships that will be held from July 15-24 at the newly reconstructed Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon.

The JAAF named the team on Tuesday (29) that will be led by the National record-holder Kengo Suzuki, Gaku Hoshi and Yusuke Nishiyama.

Suzuki broke the Nations record when he ran 2:04.56 at last year’s Lake Biwa Marathon and finished fourth at this year’s Tokyo Marathon in 2:05.28. Hoshi took the honors at this year’s Osaka Marathon on his debut when he set a record of 2:07.31 for a first-time marathoner.

Nishiyama also won his debut in marathon at the Beppu-Oita Marathon, where he clocked 2:07.47

The women’s team will be led by Mao Ichiyama, Mizuki Matsuda and Hitomi Niiya.

Ichiyama goes to championships with a personal best of 2:20.29 that she got at the 2020 Nagoya Women’s Marathon. She also won the 2021 Osaka Women’s Marathon and then finished eighth at the Olympic Games before a sixth-place finish in Tokyo earlier this month.

Matsuda took the honors at this year’s Osaka Women’s Marathon with a personal best of 2:20.52, while Niiya goes to Oregon with a personal best of 2:21.17 that she got at the Tokyo Marathon where she finished in seventh place.

Japan’s Marathon Team:


NO                                NAME TIME                        RACE
1. Kengo Suzuki 2:04.56 2021 Lake Biwa Marathon
2. Gaku Hoshi 2:07.31 2022 Osaka Marathon
3. Yusuke Nishiyama 2:07.47 2022 Beppu-Oita Marathon


1. Mao Ichiyama 2:20.29 2020 Nagoya Women’s Marathon
2. Mizuki Matsuda 2:20.52 2022 Osaka Women’s Marathon
3. Hitomi Niiya 2:21.17 2022 Tokyo Marathon