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Usain Bolt reveals he wants to start a family – and won’t stop till he gets a boy

Olympic hero Usain Bolt will fulfil a childhood ambition on Sunday night as he steps out at Old Trafford in a Soccer Aid charity match.

But although he’s always fantasised about playing for Man United – the nine-times gold medallist now has another dream team on his mind.

He’s ready to start his own line-up of mini Bolts – and he says he won’t stop until he gets at least one boy.

Usain, who’s been dating Jamaican businesswoman Kasi Bennett, 28, for five years, confides: “I want three kids, but if we get three girls first, I’ll try for more and hopefully it will be a boy.”

The sprinter is captaining a team in a televised celebrity-packed game to raise money for UNICEF.

He hopes he’ll be impressive enough to be picked up by a pro football team as he pursues a late new career at the age of 31.

But off the pitch he’s also set on a long term deal with fashionista Kasi, despite them spending so much time apart.

She still lives in Jamaica – and last year the pair launched a marketing business called 88Elevate. Usain is always travelling, but when they do get time alone he reveals they like nothing more than a cosy night on the couch.

He says: “She loves horror films, so we watch a lot of those.” Kasi’s understanding of his global stardom helps keep their romance on track.

“She is used to me being away,” he explains. “When we started dating I was always travelling.”

But he knows if his soccer dream comes true, he’ll have to make some big decisions with her about their future – and that mini dream team.

“I think she is wondering what will happen with this football,” he admits.

If his soccer dream comes true, he’ll have some big decisions to make about their future (Image: Steve Bainbridge/Sunday Mirror)

“That’s the big issue, if I have to move to another country. We haven’t discussed it yet as I’m waiting until I’m sure of something materialising.”

Usain, who retired from athletics last year, is eternally confident, but if it doesn’t happen he insists he won’t be disappointed.

“In life, you can’t lie to yourself,” he says. “As long as I give it my all and give it my best.”

Bolt will play alongside football greats like Jamie Redknapp, David Seaman, Robbie Fowler and Phil Neville.

For the first 10 minutes I’m going to be a bit nervous for sure,” says Bolt.

“I’m very passionate about this. I think offers will come in and I can always start at a lower league as I want to go at least until 37. But the Premier League is the dream.”

Along with that other team he has in mind, of course.


Uleerlaag wins Rift Valley Marathon Experience

Netherlands International Remko Uleerlaag won the first edition of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Rift Valley Marathon Experience charity race held on Friday (18) in Iten, Elgeyo Marakwet County.

With 30 Dutch athletes in the special race, raised over kshs 20 million in fundraising drive to help in several schools in Kenya under Unicef programme.

The 2014 Berlin marathon runner Uleelaag ran 3:17.17 in a race that started at Kessup Centre, along the meanders of Iten-Baringo road, going through the hard murram road in the villages before ending at Iten’s monumental “jogoo” area near High Altitude Training Centre.

The 43 year old Uleelang, who was making his maiden visit to Kenya, declared himself Kibet due to his superlative performance.

“I had a great race in a nice environment. It was the best course of my life,” said the 2008 Beijing marathon runner who holds best marathon time of 2:38.20 set in Rotterdam marathon in 2014.

After arriving in the country on Monday, he had to take a rest to get used to the environment before embarking on training that paid off.

“Most of time I run for recreation since I am a Physio-therapist and today’s course was good for recreation. Running in up and down hill and tough terrain course. Remember it was rainy at night but above all, achieving the goal of collect a lot of money to support Kenyan children,” added Uleelaang.

Experienced Uleelaang led the podium with Malko Koers coming in second, half an hour later clocking 3:47.44 as Aiter Heymans completed the podium in 3:56.31.

Race organizer led by former world half marathon champion Lornah Kiplagat and Dutch Unicef, said ten schools have been identified and put under the project to ensure that they get clean water, enhance hygiene

“The money collected in this project will be used by Unicef supply some schools with clean drinking water.



  1. Remko Uleerlaag  (NED) 3:17.17
  2. Malko Koers          (NED) 3:47.44
  3. Aiter Heymans      (NED) 3:56.31