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Lucy Cheruiyot smashes the Mexico City Marathon course record

Kenya’s Lucy Cheruiyot smashed the race course record at the 38th edition of the Mexico City Marathon that was held on Sunday (28) in Mexico City.

Cheruiyot took the charge of the race from the gun point and never relinquished the position as she chased the race course record of 2:33.27 that was set by Vivian Kiplangat from Kenya in 2019.

The 24 years-old went ahead unopposed as she passed the 10km mark with a time of 33:17, she had a difference in favor of almost three minutes over Amare Shewarge and Mexican Isabel Oropeza, who later couldn’t stand the pace.

Cheruiyot pulled herself further from the chasing group cutting the tape in a new course record of 2:27.22. Ethiopia’s Shewarge came home in second place after ten minutes. Leah Jebiwott from Kenya closed the first three podium finishes in 2:40.34



  1. Lucy Cheruiyot               (KEN) 2:27.22
  2. Amare Shewarge            (ETH)  2:37.03
  3. Leah Jebiwot                   (KEN) 2:40.34
  4. Sandra Rosas                   (COL) 2:43.56
  5. Argentina Valdepeñas   (MEX) 2:44.08