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Two athletes die at Cardiff Half Marathon

The Cardiff half marathon didn’t finish as it was supposed to. Two of the athletes, one in 30s and the other in 20s, collapsed after crossing the final line and were rushed to hospital. Tragically both were declared dead on arrival by the doctors.

According to the organizers both the runners were treated for cardiac arrests and people connected to the half-marathon were devastated with the loss.

The Cardiff Half Marathon was held on October 7, Sunday, in ideal weather conditions from Cardiff Castle at 10 a.m. local time and finished outside the Civic Centre. It was organized by Run4Wales. More than 25,000 athletes participated in the 13-mile race.

One of the runners said, “I heard someone was taken ill at the end of the race, but to discover two people have died is truly shocking… It is a well-organized race with a lot of medical back-up. ‘I’m just so sad for the people and their families.”

According to Run4Wales Chief Executive Matt Newman the emergency services reacted to the situation with professionalism and great speed and in the 15-year history of the race the fatalities are the first.

The Cardiff half marathon is the second largest half marathon in United Kingdom. It was founded in 2003.

The first is The Great North Run. It is the largest half marathon in the world and is organized each September in North East England. The running track is between Newcastle upon Tyne and South Shields

The two athletes were males and were rushed to University Hospital Wales after they collapsed.