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Ukrainian refugee wins the 2022 Jerusalem Marathon

Ukrainian refugee Valentina Verzka won the 11th edition of the Jerusalem Marathon that was held on Friday (25) in Jerusalem, Israel.

Verzka fled Ukraine to Poland with her daughter, while her husband remained in Ukraine and served in the army in the war against Russia,had asked the race organizer through the social to help her get to Israel, so that she could tell about the atrocities that are taking place in her country after the Russian invasion.

Verzka who came to this race a personal best of 2:38.51, lived to her expectations as she was on the top of the world after clinching the title while waving her countries flag in a time of 2:25.54.

“It was a difficult marathon with a strong wind. After 20 kilometers there was a difficult ascent, but it was a beautiful place. This is my first time in Israel.”

“We have a difficult situation in Ukraine and I run for peace. I wish for peace not only in Ukraine but all over the world, for a better future for our children,” said the teary Verzka.

The men’s division was won by Daniel Guadi in a time of 2:37.17 hours, he was 1:36 minutes ahead of Barhan Balta, who made a mistake on the track and was disqualified at the end. The one who took second place on the podium at his expense was Gazacho Fanta who set a time of 2:42.21.

The race course record for both genders of 2:16.09 and 2:38.24 that was set by Ronald Kurgat and Joan Kigen in 2014 and 2016 respectively remains standing.

10 Days to Jerusalem Marathon

The After 10th edition of the Jerusalem International Marathon will be held on 29, October 2021 at Sacher park, Jerusalem.

The marathon was postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the 10th Jerusalem International Winner Marathon will be held on October 29, with the participation of tens of thousands of runners from around Israel and the world.

The traditional marathon had been postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic but it is back with its usual breathtaking scenery, which integrates a challenge to the runners and spectacular landscapes that tell the story of Jerusalem throughout the city’s 3,000 years:

The Israel Museum, the Supreme Court, the seat of Israel’s presidency, the walls of the old city and the Armenian Quarter, the Tower of David, the Khan theater, the Sultan’s Pool and more.

In the previous marathon, which took place in 2019, 4,400 runners participated from 76 countries around the world. A 25% increase in the number of participants from abroad. Many are expected to come due to the fact that Israel is spearheading the fight against COVID-19.

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion expressed this by stating that “the return of the marathon excites and thrills us all. It is without a doubt the biggest sporting event to be held after a prolonged period of waiting and recuperating.”

The men’s marathon since its inception in 2010 has been won seven times by Kenya’s two times by Ethiopians. In women category Kenya has won five times with Ethiopian taking it four times.

The race course record in men’s division is 2:16.09 that was set in 2014 by Ronald Kurgat and women course record is 2:38.24 that was set by Joan Kigen in 2016.

The marathon will be held in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health in effect on the day of the race. It will feature six different races: Full marathon (42.2 km); half marathon (21.1 km); 10 km, 5 km; family race (1.7 km), and community race (800 meters).