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Dismas Ewet and Peris Cherono take top honors at Mombasa Marathon

Dismas Ewet  and Peris Cherono were crowned the winner for the third time when he took the top honors at the Mombasa marathon that was held on Sunday (23) in Mombasa.

The octogenarian runner said he has achieved what he has been competing for in the last three years.

“I have tried in vain to win this race but today, my dream has come true. I have been competing here for the last three years and today I managed to win,” said the never give up man.

In his past events, Lotira finished third in the 2010 Antwerp Marathon, said he will continue training as he looks for a sponsor to help him take part in an international marathon outside the country.

Cherono won the women’s race in 2:30.44 and was followed by Alice Mogire of 2:32.43 with Elizabeth Rumolo closing the podium three finishes in 2:32.53.

The Iten based runner was lucky to collect the kshs 500,000 for her training in preparation for future international marathons

Planning to compete at next year’s Beijing marathon, the 28 year old had finished third at the Yellow River Marathon in China in May.


  1. Dismas Ewet Lotira  2:16:52
  2. Arit KIgen                  2:17:45
  3. Abraham Too             2:18:31
  4. Samson Kibor            2:19:13
  5. Evans Kiprotich        2:19:20


  1. Peris Cherono         2:30:44
  2. Alice Mogire           2:32:43
  3. Elizabeth Rumokol 2:32:53
  4. Pamela Chepkoech 2:33:26
  5. Pauline Mutua         2:33:40


  1. Stephen Mwendwa  33:17.39
  2. Daniel Kayiok           33:34.00
  3. Kipkorir Birir            33:40.16
  4. Philip Mulei              33:48.03
  5. Bethwel Biwott        34:14.82


  1. Naomi Jepngetich       35:14.17
  2. Nancy Rotich               35:16.05
  3. Judith Cherono            36:48.30
  4. Shauline Chepkirui     37:13.19
  5. Zipporah Eleman         37:22.43

ASBEL: Woman in Love Triangle Attempts Suicide

The woman whose leaked raunchy sensational pictures photos and video of making love with three times world champion Asbel Kiprop has allegedly tried to commit suicide.

According to sources, Nancy Rotich, who in 2017 was a Jubilee MCA candidate was admitted and later discharged at Eldoret Hospital after she apparently took a poisonous substance after the embarrassing video went viral on social media

Asbel is said to have publicized images of himself and Nancy being involved in sexy escapade so as to get back at Nancy’s husband his pacemaker Henry Rotich for spreading malicious rumours in regard to his alleged use of banned performance drugs.