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Edinah Jebitok runs away with Cross Internacional de Venta de Banos title

World Under-18 bronze medallist Edinah Jebitok dismantled a strong field of elite athletes at the 41st edition of the Cross Internacional de Venta de Banos that was held on Sunday in Spain.

Jebitok pushed the pace and none of her opponents were able to follow her. The Kenyan runner broke away from Amebaw and increased her lead to 38 seconds over Likina Amebaw at the bell with a penultimate lap in 7:08.

The 20 year-old defeated Amebaw from Ethiopia by over minute as she took from control of the race cutting the tape in28:44 with Amebaw coming home in second place in 29:53

Turkeys bronze medallist Emine Mechaal closed the first three podium finishes.

Dolshi Tesfu beats Lucy Mawia at Cross Internacional de Alcobendas

Eritrea’s Dolshi Tesfu took the top honors at the 6th edition of the Cross Internacional de Alcobendas that was held on Sunday (28) on the outskirts of Madrid.

Tesfu took the lead from the early stages of the women’s race with Lucy Mawia from Kenya being the only person who was able to keep up with her pace.

Tesfu and Mawia led by four seconds over Ethiopia’s Likina Amebaw. Tesfu stepped up the pace in the second lap, but Mawia was able to follow her.

Mawia took charge of the race during the last lap briefly, but Tesfu pulled away from her rival over the final uphill section of the course.

Tesfu finished 15th in the 10000m race at the Tokyo Olympic Games, gave a powerful kick to forge ahead and cut the tape in 26:45 beating Mawia to second place four seconds later. Amebew closed the first three podium finishes in 27:03.

Lucy Muli race favorite at Cross Atapuerca

Kenya’s Cross Lucy Maiwa Muli will carry the Kenyan flag at the 16th Edition of the Cross Atapuerca- the fourth Gold standard meeting of this season’s World Athletics Cross Country Tour that will be held on Sunday (14) in Atapuerca, Spain.

The 22 year-old won her first cross country meet at the Internacional de Soria which was held last month in Soria.

Muli will battle for the honors with two Ethiopians Meskeram Mano and Likina Amebaw with Francine Niyomukunzi whom she beat n Soria being added on list.



  1. Lucy Maiwa Muli                (KEN)      Winner Cross Soria 2021
  2. Meskeram Mano                 (ETH)      3rd National Africa 5,000
  3. Tigst Getnet                        (ETH)      2nd Ethiopia of Absolute Cross 2021
  4. Francine Niyomukunzi     (BUR)      1st Cross Amorebieta 2021
  5. Likina Amebaw                  (ETH)       2nd Cross Soria 2021
  6. Michelle Finn                     (IRE)        Irish Champion 3,000 Hurdles 2021
  7. Rahel Daniel                       (ERT)       Recorwoman Eritrea 5000
  8. Mariana Machado              (POR)
  9. Carolina Robles                  (SPN)      Olympic Tokyo in 3,000 hurdles
  10. Laura Mendez                     (SPN)      Tokyo Olympian in Marathon
  11. Lucía Rodríguez                 (SPN)      Olympic Tokyo in 5,000

Joyce Tele beats Irene Cheptai to lift du Puy en Velay Road race title

Joyce Tele led 1-2 Kenyan podium finish at the 38th edition of the 15km International du Puy en Velay Road race that was held on Sunday (12) in France.

Tele gave a powerful kick at the last 2km to deny the 2017 world cross country champion Irene Cheptai any chance of winning the race as she held on tightly to cut the tape in 48:56.

Cheptai who finished in sixth place at the Tokyo Olympics over 10,000m settled second place in 49:21 with Likina Amebaw from Ethiopia taking bronze a distant later in 52:09.

Kenya’s Joyce Tele and Irene Cheptai at the du Puy en Velay Road race. PHOTO: La Commere 43

France Cécilia Mobuchon and Genet Abdurkadir Habela from Ethiopia took fourth and fifth place in 54:18 and 57:56 respectively.
Another Kenyan Naomi Chepkemoi, finished in sixth place in 57:56.



  1. Joyce Tele                (KEN) 48:56
  2. Irene Cheptai          (KEN) 49:21
  3. Likina Amebaw       (ETH) 52:09
  4. Cécilia Mobuchon  (FRA) 53:30
  5. Genet Habela           (ETH) 54:18
  6. Naomi Chepkemoi  (KEN) 57:56

Judith Jeptum Korir takes top honors at Stralugano Half Marathon

Kenya’s Judith Korir Jeptum was the talk of the town as she won the 14th edition of the Stralugano Half Marathon that was held on Sunday (29) in Lugano, Switzerland.

Jeptum who was running along Veronica Njeri Maina for the first 15km where he decided the break from her and not looking back, powering to cut the tape in1:06.24 with Njeri coming home in a distant in 1:09.15.

Ethiopia’s Belay Tegegn Addisalem was left with no choice but to pick the bronze medal in 1:12.30 with another fellow country-mate Likina Amebaw and German’s Deborah Schöneborn crossing the line in fourth and fifth place in 1:12.35 and 1:12.51 respectively.



  1. Judith Jeptum Korir            (KEN) 1:06.24
  2. Veronica Maina Njeri         (KEN) 1:09.15
  3. Addisalem Belay Tegegn    (ETH) 1:12.39
  4. Amebaw Likina                     (ETH)  1:12.53
  5. Deborah Schöneborn           (GER)  1:12.51