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Kakamega Forest Marathon clears Kshs 150K hospital bill for the injured athlete

Organisers the annual Kakamega Forest Marathon have made full payment for Silas Kiprop, the athlete who broke his leg during last Saturday (26) race in Shinyalu, Kakamega County.

After returning into action with two years absence due to coronavirus pandemic that rocked the world of sports, it had injuries and one Silas Kiprop was hard hit while running in the thicket.
The race organisers took Kiprop to Kakamega Orthopedic Hospital which is a specialized hospital that takes care of such cases.

The 31 year-old who will be discharged today (Tuesday 29th) from the hospital, went through the knife and had his bones corrected and a still rod was placed in to help in stability and quick healing.

Kiprop who trains with his friend Titus Kipchumba, who has been with him since Saturday at the hospital is very grateful for the help he has gotten from the Ingo Marathon organisers.“We thank God, and all of you who have played a role for to get treatment. Am also grateful to all kakamega forest marathon organization, and the Doctors of kakamega Orthopedic Hospital. They have shown us their humanity, God bless them, said Kiprop.

Kipchumba who has spent four days with the patient was also full of praise to the Ingo family for standing with his friend during the most challenging time. “Am grateful to God, He has seen us through and we are being released from Hospital with no bill to pay. I pray to God to bless the Kakamega Forest race organisers for coming through for my friend,” said Kipchumba.

“They have paid all the bill, we have been given enough medicine and money to take us home. God Bless them so much” he concluded.

While talking to athletics.co.ke, George Murila the CEO of Ingo Marathon said, “We had two top surgeons who came to participate in the race and when they had about the incident, they offered to check on the injury and concluded that Kiprop had broken his femoral shaft fracture which usually causes immediate, severe pain. The two surgeons recommended that he be taken to Kakamega Orthopedic Hospital for a plate in plant.

“Kiprop came to win the top prize and he wasn’t prepared to treat himself, infact he did us a favor by coming to race here I n the Rural Forest, It’ an honor that we had to return the favor by standing with him and clearing his hospital bill which stands at Kshs 150,000”, said Murila.

Our tradition since 2015 has been to treat athletes as guests in our homes, we offer places to sleep, food and even bus to ferry those sleeping in Hotels around Kakamega,” he concluded.

Lewis Kiprop who has been pushing for justice to prevail to Kiprop was full of praise to the organisers for coming through for Kiprop. He took to his social media page saying, “Good news about the injured athlete at Kakamega Forest Marathon, he will be discharged today from a private hospital though he will be using crutches for sometimes.

Thanks for the race organizer for footing the bill and his Training mate Titus kipchumba for standing by him.”
Kiprop is pulling together his friends to chip for the injured as he will be out of active sport for three to four months. He called upon his friends to contribute towards this worthy cause, “We would like to give him something as he recuperates at home to gather for his basic needs,” He concluded.