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Stanley Bett wins Dhaka Marathon

Kenya’s Stanley Kiprotich Bett took the top honors at the Dhaka Marathon held on Saturday (20) in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Bett who led a 1-2 Kenyan podium finsh took the honors in a time of 2:08.10 and was followed Joseph Kyengo Munywoki who came home in second in 2:08.50 with Rwanda’s Felicien Muhitira closing the podium three finishes in 2:09.18.

In the women category Ethiopia’s Bashanke Imoshe Bilo took the honors in a time of 2:35.25 with Kenya’s Tecla Kirongo taking the second position in 2:35.29. Demitu Hawas Lenjiso from Ethiopia finished in third place in 2:35.47.



  1. Stanley Bett            (KEN) 2:08.10
  2. Joseph Munywoki  (KEN) 2:08.50
  3. Felicien Muhitira   (RWA) 2:09.18
  4. Rhonzas Kilimo      (KEN) 2:09.42
  5. Dereje Debela          (ETH) 2:09:50


  1. Bashanke Bilo       (ETH) 2:35.25
  2. Tecla Kirongo       (KEN) 2:35.29
  3. Demitu Lenjiso     (ETH) 2:35.47
  4. Eunice Jeptoo       (KEN) 2:36.15
  5. Monica Cheruto  (KEN) 2:36.39