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Tariku Alemitu beats Judith Cherono to lift the Trento Half Marathon

Ethiopia’s Tariku Alemitu made her debut by winning the tenth edition of the Trento Half Marathon that was held on Sunday (3) in Piazza Duomo, Italy.

Alemitu battled with two Kenyans Judith Cherono and Janeth Kisa but overpowered them to claim victory in 1:08.50. she was followed by Cherono who clocked 11:09.05 with Kisa closing the first three podium finishes in 1:09.31



  1. Tariku Alemitu    (ETH) 1:08.50
  2. Judith Cherono    (KEN) 1:09.05
  3. Janeth Kisa          ( KEN) 1:09.31