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It’s a FIGHT, for Erick Kiptoo and Peter Somba in Alicante

Kenyans Erick Kiptoo and Peter Somba almost physical  with each other at the 26th edition of the Alicante Half Marathon that was held on Sunday (20) in Alicante, Spain.

Kiptoo did not find it easy as Somba made his life difficult as they went head to head, shoulder to shoulder for the last five kilometres of the race.

The two Kenyans took almost turned the event into a personal affair as they shoved each other at the tape with Kiptoo being given the title but both finishing with the same margin of time of 1:04.45.

Spain’s Francisco De Dionisio closed the first three podium finishes a distant later in 1:08.04.

Youseff Benhadi and Razyn Abdelali both from Morocco finished in fourth and fifth place in a time of 1:08.08 and 1:08.45 respectively.



  1. Erick Kiptoo                      (KEN) 1:04.45
  2. Peter Brandon Somba     (KEN) 1:04:45
  3. Francisco De Dionisio    (SPN)  1:08.04
  4. Youseff Benhadi              (MOR) 1:08.08
  5. Razyn Abdelali                (MOR) 1:08.45