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Weru wins Leiden Marathon

Kenya’s Eliud Weru took top honors at the 27th edition of the Leiden Marathon that was held on Sunday (27) in Leiden, Netherlands.

Weru came to this marathon with a personal best of 2:15.28 that he got in January at Hong Kong Marathon failed to lower the mark as he battled the heat and humidity to cut the in 2:15.30.

The Kenyan was followed by Ethiopian Danel Aschenik Derese who on paper had the fastest time of 2:10.09 that he got in 2014 at the Seoul Marathon. Derese could not lower his Pb but crossed the line 23 seconds later.

“The race was hard because of the weather patterns but am grateful for the win”, said Weru.

Eliud kiprop Tarus also from Kenya closed the podium three finishes in 2:18.33.

In the women’s race Ethiopian Tsgereda Girma Ayele took top honors as she won in style in 02:45.54 and was followed a distant later by Kenyan Edinah Jerotich Kwambai who crossed the line four minutes later.

Third place went to another Ethiopian Jemila Shure Wortesa who closed the podium three in 02:49.05. Jemila Shure Wortesa in 02:52:10.19


  1. Eliud Weru      (KEN) 2:15.30
  2. Daniel Derese  (ETH) 2:15.53
  3. Eliud Tarus       (KEN) 2:18.33


  1. Tsgereda Girma Ayele       (ETH) 2:45.54
  2. Edinah Jerotich Kwambai (KEN) 2:49.05
  3. Jemila Shure Wortesa         (ETH) 2:52.10