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KRA Welcomes Athletes For Discussion On Double Taxation

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has joined a list of Kenyan Cooperates in showcasing their services to the people.

On Sunday during the Berlin marathon viewerthon in Iten’s Keellu Resort, KRA Deputy Commissioner in-charge of North Rift region Kevin Safari, took time to explain to athletes various services they off especially on domestic taxation and double taxation issue.

“We are here to talk to those watching the Berlin marathon and we have come with experts from Domestic tax department to talk about the challenges they face in their earnings where they may not know what to do with their earnings from winning and on how to invest. Athletes and the general public need to know what kind of taxes will arise like income taxes or pay as you earn on employees or on the custom side and demystify custom procedures,” said Safari.

For double taxation, which has been a thorny issue in the athletes, Safari said they are in support of aspiring and elite athletes to go to them to understand what it means.

“Essentially you will find out that an athlete wins money out there and they may be subjected to taxation and when they come back to Kenya, again because of transfer of money is declared as income, which is again taxed and they feel a pinch of double taxation for being taxed abroad and being taxed locally. However, there are two options here: one is where there is a double taxation agreement whereby if you have been taxed out there, the same income will not be taxed locally. As such, we have to educate our athletes on where there is a double taxation agreement,”

He added that where athletes have been taxed abroad, that tax they paid, can be done in what is called be allowable on their declaration in Kenya but they need to come and look at them on each cases merit.

KRA was joined by Bank of Africa, LG, Fly Tri-Star and Anti Doping agency of Kenya (ADAK) who were based in Iten’s Keellu Resort while Isuzu was based in Eldret’s Clique Hotel.

Source: dailysport.co.ke