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Nicholas Bett family Blocks Woman Claiming to Be His Wife from Burying Him

Woman claiming to be the wife of the late World 400m hurdles champion Nicholas Bett has been blocked by his family members from ever stepping in his home.

According to Brenda Bett, she met Nicholas Bett in 2016 at her dad’s funeral and later moved in together with Nicholas in December of the same year. In 2017 August, the two relocated back to Eldoret as the athlete pursued his running career and the two were blessed with daughter Kyle.

Brenda, Nicholas and Kyle Bett. Photo: Courtesy

Nicholas Bett who was a police officer was later transferred to Nairobi’s Langata Police Station where he lived with Brenda and Kyle until his death a few weeks ago.

According to Brenda, Nicholas left Nairobi for Eldoret where he had an appointment with a doctor. In fact, on the morning of his death, Brenda was to drive Nicholas Bett to Eldoret since he had an injury but baby Kyle got sick and the mother had to rush her to the hospital.

Brenda and Nicholas were planning a wedding which every member of his family and hers was aware of but now his side of the family has promised to hurt her if she ever steps in her home. According to Brenda, she has been blocked from burying the love of her life.

Sources close to Nicholas Bett corroborates the story of Brenda claiming that, the late athlete impregnated a girl while he was still in high school. Since the girl was from the nearby area, Bett was forced to marry the girl he impregnated but there was no formal church or traditional marriage ceremony to cement the relationship.

Brenda has availed photos showing her with Bett and Kyle in various situations while also claiming that his colleagues at the Kenya Police knew their relationship and can back her up.

When Nicholas Bett’s death was announced, Brenda posted a hearty message remembering the love of her life, but the post was immediately stolen by Gladys Bett who just changed a few words and used the same on her personal Facebook page.

Source: kahawatungu.com