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Judith Jeptum Korir takes top honors at Stralugano Half Marathon

Kenya’s Judith Korir Jeptum was the talk of the town as she won the 14th edition of the Stralugano Half Marathon that was held on Sunday (29) in Lugano, Switzerland.

Jeptum who was running along Veronica Njeri Maina for the first 15km where he decided the break from her and not looking back, powering to cut the tape in1:06.24 with Njeri coming home in a distant in 1:09.15.

Ethiopia’s Belay Tegegn Addisalem was left with no choice but to pick the bronze medal in 1:12.30 with another fellow country-mate Likina Amebaw and German’s Deborah Schöneborn crossing the line in fourth and fifth place in 1:12.35 and 1:12.51 respectively.



  1. Judith Jeptum Korir            (KEN) 1:06.24
  2. Veronica Maina Njeri         (KEN) 1:09.15
  3. Addisalem Belay Tegegn    (ETH) 1:12.39
  4. Amebaw Likina                     (ETH)  1:12.53
  5. Deborah Schöneborn           (GER)  1:12.51