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Joyce Tele beats Irene Cheptai to lift du Puy en Velay Road race title

Joyce Tele led 1-2 Kenyan podium finish at the 38th edition of the 15km International du Puy en Velay Road race that was held on Sunday (12) in France.

Tele gave a powerful kick at the last 2km to deny the 2017 world cross country champion Irene Cheptai any chance of winning the race as she held on tightly to cut the tape in 48:56.

Cheptai who finished in sixth place at the Tokyo Olympics over 10,000m settled second place in 49:21 with Likina Amebaw from Ethiopia taking bronze a distant later in 52:09.

Kenya’s Joyce Tele and Irene Cheptai at the du Puy en Velay Road race. PHOTO: La Commere 43

France Cécilia Mobuchon and Genet Abdurkadir Habela from Ethiopia took fourth and fifth place in 54:18 and 57:56 respectively.
Another Kenyan Naomi Chepkemoi, finished in sixth place in 57:56.



  1. Joyce Tele                (KEN) 48:56
  2. Irene Cheptai          (KEN) 49:21
  3. Likina Amebaw       (ETH) 52:09
  4. Cécilia Mobuchon  (FRA) 53:30
  5. Genet Habela           (ETH) 54:18
  6. Naomi Chepkemoi  (KEN) 57:56