Rhonzas Kilimo breaks the course record at Guadalajara Half Marathon

Rhonzas Kilimo breaks the course record at Guadalajara Half

Kenya’s Rhonzas Kilimo broke the course record at the 36th edition of the Guadalajara Half Marathon that was held on Sunday (20) in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Kilimo led a 1-2-3 podium finish but he did not have an easy ride he battled for honors with Benson Kipruto and Shadrack Kimining but he emerged superior cutting the tape in a new course record of 1:01.20 erasing the previous record of 1:01.48 that had been set in 2019 by Mathew Kisorio. Kipruto also finished well inside the course record with a time of 1:01.30.

Shadrack Kimining closed the podium finish also running under the old record clocking 1:01.33.

Samuel Mwangi Nduku and Robert Gaitho Gititu wrapped the Kenyan affair race as they finished in fourth and fifth place in 1:01.57 and 1:02.20 respectively.

The women race was won in a course record of 1:09.12 by Besu Sado from Ethiopia. Naom Jebet took the second place in 1:09.50 with Janet Ruguru closing the podium finishes in 1:09.56.

Pauline Korikwiang and Mayra Vidal from Mexico came home in fourth and fifth place in 1:12.45 and 1:15.04 respectively.



  1. Rhonzas Kilimo              (KEN) 1:01.20
  2. Benson Kipruto               (KEN) 1:01.30
  3. Shadrack Kimining         (KEN) 1:01.33
  4. Samuel Mwangi Nduku  (KEN) 1:01.57
  5. Robert Gaitho Gititu       (KEN) 1:02.20



  1. Besu Sado                     (ETH) 1:09:12
  2. Naom Jebet                   (KEN) 1:09:50
  3. Janet Ruguru                (KEN) 1:09:56
  4. Pauline Korikwiang     (KEN) 1:12:45
  5. Mayra Sanchew Vidal (MEX) 1:15:04

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