Marcel Hug loses out on $50,000 at Boston Marathon after wrong turn

Marcel Hug loses out on $50,000 at Boston Marathon after wrong turn

Marcel Hug says his wrong turn in the Boston Marathon on Tuesday morning (AEDT) “shouldn’t have happened”.

A cruel wrong turn ultimately cost the 35-year-old $68,000 (USD$50k) in bonus prize money.

Hug veered off course during the tortuous long-distance race, costing him crucial seconds as he hunted down his own course record.

The five-time Boston marathon champion in the men’s wheelchair division fell just seven seconds short of breaking his record — which would have triggered the bonus payment on top of the USD$25,000 payment he received for winning again.

The Swiss athlete says his wrong turn cost him 20 seconds.

Hug missed a turn in the race, following the lead vehicle straight through an intersection, instead of turning right.

It appears all but certain that his time of 1:18.11 would have bested his 2017 record of 1:18.04 — if not for his fateful mistake.

“I would say it cost me 20 seconds and it should have been possible to get the record, for sure,” he said, according to The Guardian.

“It should not have happened. It’s my fault. I was just focusing on my performance. I didn’t think about that. It’s sad, but it happens.”

He still had plenty to smile about as he crossed the line first.

Swiss compatriot Manuela Schar also won the women’s division.