Daniel Kipchumba

Kipchumba smashes Lake Maggiore Half Marathon course record

Kenya’s Daniel Kipchumba won his first half marathon at the 11th edition of the Lake Maggiore Half Marathon that was held on Sunday (15) along Lake Maggiore in Italy.

Kipchumba who led two more Kenyans, Mangata Ndiwa and Josphat Boit who broke away from the rest of the team at 3km went on to pass the 10k mark in 27.47 as they upped their game to with a 14:05 split between 15km and 20km.

The three stack together to the final 100m but a well calculated kick saw Kipchumba smashing the course record with a new record time of 59.06 from the previous 1:00.00.

Ndiwa followed him closely a second later with Boit closing the podium three in 59.19.



  1. Daniel Kipchumba  (KEN) 59:06
  2. Mangata Ndiwa       (KEN) 59:07
  3. Josphat Boit             (KEN) 59:19

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