Solomon Deksisa

Desisa wins Hamburg Marathon as Kenya and Uganda flops

Ethiopia’s Solomon Desisa took top honors at the 33rd edition of the Hamburg Marathon that was held on Sunday (29) in Germany.

Uganda’s Stephen Kiprotich was among the two East African runners to hold onto the three Ethiopians but he lost the lead and dropped back. At 35 k he is around half a minute behind the leaders. A group of four pass this point in 1:44:56. Ethiopians Ayele Abshero, Tadu Abate and Solomon Deksisa as well as Kenya’s Solomon Yego are in the lead.

Solomon Deksisa wins the 2018 Hamburg Marathon.Photo: Organisers

A thrilling duel develops: Abate briefly took the lead at around 39 k, however he missed a bottle and then Deksisa attacked again surging ahead to cut the tape in 2:.06.34 leading a 1-2-3 Ethiopian clean sweep.

He was closely followed by Abate 20 seconds later with Abshero closing the top three podium finish in 2:07.19.

The first Kenyan to cross the line was Solomon Kirwa Yego who finished fourth in 2:07.37 with Uganda’s finest distance runner Kiprotich coming home fifth in 2:07.57


1.Solomon Deksisa   (ETH)  2:06.34
2.Abate Tadu            (ETH)  2:06.34
3.Ayele Abshero       (ETH) 2:07.19
4. Kirwa Yego           (KEN) 2:07.37
5.Stephen Kiprotich  (UG)  2:07.57
6. Vincent Kipruto     (KEN) 2:10.31

7.Stephen Chebogut   (KEN) 2:10.33
8.Aychew Bantie       (ETH)2:11.16
9.Emmanuel Mutai    (KEN) 2:11.57
10.Ezekiel Chepkorom (UG) 2:1312

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