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The Masters on the battlefield at the Kasarani Sport Stadium

In this athletics Masters races that begun today where there were various categories taking place and the categories were their ages.

This Masters Athletics started four years ago here in Kenya. Thursday 28th June is when the Masters Athletics has been successful having all retired athletics from the 47 counties participating.
 Having talked to a former and retired athletic Samuel Ruto who was a region athletic who participated in 800m in 1982 which was in Kingston Jamaica and scooped for a gold medal. Ruto who is an official of the Master Athletics Kenya in the marketing department is one of the most popular person in the history of Kenya in terms of  athletics.
He has participated in various athletics in Kenya like in 1984 he was picked to go and participate in Kisumu for the junior athletics which the winners were to go in Los Angeles but became position four. Even not going to Los Angeles he went to represent Kenya in Morocco for the Africa games and managed to scoop a silver medal and a head of him or was Kosgei who proceeded for the Diamond League.
 This masters athletics is for the groups which are from 35 years and above. They have come to help people who have the passion of running. The world board athletics in Kenya has come to consider Kenya in this masters athletics grouping it with other countries in the likes of Algeria which was the first country to start the masters athletics in Africa others been Morocco, Togo, Nigeria, South African, Botswana and Namibia.
In the last four years Kenya have been doing this but it has never been serious like today.
The official are very confident about the athletes who are going to represent Kenya in the world masters athletics which are going to be held in Spain starting 4th September to 16th September.
Ruth Waithera the retired athlete of 400m and 200m. Photo: Lorna Ndungu
Ruth Waithera is one of the participants who participated today she is one of the renowned athlete who participated in the 400m and 200m. In today’s battlefield she was running the 100m and 200m where she was in the 60 to 64 category. She said that she had not done enough practice to the 400m.
Waithera has represented Kenya in Australia, Canada and Finland saying that it is a good idea that Kenya has brought about the Master Athletics and also saying Kenyans should come out in large number for the Africa Masters Athletics that are going to be held next year in Kenya at the Kasarani Sport Stadium.

The battlefield of the forces on their second day

The 2018 National Athletics Championship is taking place at the Moi International Sports Centre Kasarani from 21st to 23rd of June 2018 for the Africa Senior Athletics Championship.

 The championship consist of The Kenya defence force(KDF), National police service, Kenya prison and public universities which are competing against each other for various medals which are the gold, silver, bronze.
The championship is an annual challenge sponsored by the Athletics Kenya to test new talent after performance from their respective institution. Also they want to bring more potential athletes on board so as to encourage them to be positive and active.
Being the second day of the competition the spirit is high and motivating even though there are some of the renowned stars were not present and they were set to compete.
The likes of Elijah Manangoi did not participate in today’s athletics but the head and junior Barnabas Korir set to give him assured wild card because he is a performing athlete and they wouldn’t have him out because he had a family issue which he had to attend to.
Korir says that the wild card is given to exceptional athletics and it is the interest of the athletics verses interest of the nation.
Today’s athletics was a very good day for the Kenya Defence Force having the lead in the medals which they 30 in total and the Nairobi Police Services becoming the second in a total of 13 medals.