Athletics Integrity Unit head, Brett Clothier. PHOTO: COURTESY

Athletics Integrity Unit adds more rules they will investigate Apart from DOPING

The Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) has broaden its unit and added major factors to what it looks after apart from Anti-doping issues they have been better known of.

Through its twitter handle they said, “The AIU remit is much broader than anti-doping. We also look after age or competition manipulation, transfers of allegiance, harassment, bribery and breaches of betting rules – everything we can to support honest athletes around the world”

The (AIU) was founded by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) now World Athletics (WA) in April 2017 to combat doping in the sport of athletics. The unit functions fully independently from the world athletics. It is currently led by Australia’s leading sport integrity professional, Brett Clothier. The organization collected more than 600 blood samples prior to the 2017 World Championships in Athletics

David Howman is Chairperson of the AIU’s Board. The board comprises of, Abby Hoffman, Dr Andrew Pipe and Marc Peltier were approved by Council on 12 April.