Asbel Kiprop and Kisorio exchange blows in Club

Three times World metric mile champion Asbel Kiprop and former Africa Junior 10,000m and 5,000m winner Mathew Kisorio were in a fight in a club in Eldoret town.

According to a video that was posted on social media Kiprop who is facing sanctions for allegedly doping and Kisorio who once served a ban for using banned performance enhancing drugs can be seen exchanging blows.

However, the post which had been posted on facebook was removed by Joe Lennon  a few hours later who apologized to the angry followers for the action.

“Having given it some thought I have decided to delete the post about the Brawl in a Nightclub, sorry guys,” said Lennon in post after removing the video.

Lennon’s action of removing the post drew different reactions with others feeling disappointed saying the duo were public figures and Kenyans needed to know as others welcomed the move saying the athletes privacy needed to be protected.

Reacting to the alleged video, Kisorio has denied being the individual in the video fighting the 2008 Olympic champion.

“I was not anywhere near Eldoret on that day and those circulating rumours insinuating that I was involved in a fight with Asbel are out tarnish my name. We are good friends and have never had any differences,” he said.

According to sources, Kiprop and Kisorio who were on a drinking spree at Mamba Club in the North Rift town allegedly brawled over a woman after altercations at around 2am in the wee hours of Monday morning.