Abbabiya Simbassa outkicks Elkanah Kibet to win USATF 10 Mile Championships

Abbabiya Simbassa rans away with his second USATF 25 km title

Abbabiya Simbassa ran away with his second USATF 25 km Championships title race that was held on Saturday (23) in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

A dozen of runners jumped to the front and ran together through the early stages of the race. It wasn’t until five miles into the race when the lead pack would start to establish itself.

Haron Lagat, Simbassa, and Lawi Lalang would establish themselves up front, with Sam Chelanga, Brogan Austin, Futsum Zienasellassie, and Fred Huxham right off their shoulders. Austin and Huxham, along with Chelanga, would take over pacing duties through the half way point.

Austin and Lalang were the first drop off and it was a race to the finish for five. Lagat and Huxham would drop back, not able to match the finish speed, leaving Simbassa, Zienasellassie, and Chelanga to battle.

As Simbassa, Zienasellassie, and Chelanga sprinted to the finish, it was anyone’s guess as to who would pull away. Ultimately, it was Simbassa put on a strong finish to outkick the two at the tape crossing the line in a time of 1:14.27 forcing Zienasellassie to come in second in the same time.  Chelanga closed the first three podium finishes in 1:14.28.

Huxham and Lagat would finish in fourth and fifth place in 1:14.34 and 1:14.38 respectively.



  1. Abbabiya Simbassa      1:14.27
  2. Futsum Zienasellassie 1:14.27
  3. Sam Chelanga                1:14.28
  4. Fred Huxham                  1:14.34
  5. Haron Lagat                    1:14.38


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